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The law firm of Ricciani & Jose, LLP, concentrates its New York landlord-tenant dispute practice on evictions, representing residential and commercial property owners and managers. With a strong knowledge of eviction laws and procedures, we help our clients preserve and protect their assets. Contact us to learn more.

Evictions are rarely conflict free and amicable. They involve homes, businesses, livelihoods, families and communities — and challenging legal issues. When a residential or commercial tenant is to be evicted due to nonpayment of rent or another issue, retaining the help of the right lawyer can be a key to a smooth, successful outcome.

Professionalism and Attention to Detail

No eviction case hinges on personal conversations or informal events. Rather, there are specific technical rules and procedures that must be followed in order to prevent an eviction case from being thrown out by a judge. Under the law, there are notice and service requirements with specific time frames that must be met.

Mediocre work in eviction cases yields poor results. Our disciplined approach brings success. At the law firm of Ricciani & Jose, we are thorough and prompt in doing the necessary legwork to fulfill the requirements of eviction proceedings.

From single family residences to housing projects to commercial buildings, we handle each case with professionalism and attention to detail. In addition to the legal and strategic work of our lawyers, our firm retains and supervises process servers and investigators to provide all of the necessary services required for successful results. Contact us to learn more about our capabilities.

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