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If you are facing drug charges, you are probably concerned about potentially life-changing consequences. In addition to fines and imprisonment, felony and misdemeanor convictions carry a stigma that can affect your life and future in significant ways.

At Ricciani & Jose, LLP, we have helped many individuals reach favorable outcomes when charged with drug offenses such as possession, distribution, trafficking and manufacturing, as well as charges involving prescription fraud and possession of illegal prescription drugs. Every drug charge scenario is different and calls for its own legal analysis and strategy. Contact us to discuss your circumstances and concerns.

Vigorous, Intelligent Legal Representation

Particularly in cases where charges seem inappropriate, unfounded or unfair, you need vigorous, intelligent representation to protect your rights. We have detailed knowledge of the legal requirements for searches and search warrants and will challenge aspects of a search or an arrest when appropriate. We know the law and will put our years of defense experience to work for you.

We will assess your situation and clearly explain the charges against you and the possible outcomes of your case. We will strive to ensure that you understand what your options are — many people don’t realize they have more than one — and together we will develop a strategy with your interests in mind.

Treatment and Rehabilitation Alternatives and Drug Courts

With New York’s expanding system of drug treatment courts offering alternatives in drug cases, treatment and education options for drug-related offenses are often far more desirable than punitive sentencing. For example, substance abuse treatment may be offered as an alternative to incarceration for non-violent, first-time felony drug offenders.

In the course of our representation, many clients have taken advantage of rehabilitative programs. We are well versed in the eligibility requirements and important technical details for admission to these programs. Since acceptance into drug treatment court is not automatically offered and needs to be advocated for and negotiated, our lawyers will represent you through the processes involved.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, Ricciani & Jose will help you reach the best possible outcome. Contact us to find out more.

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