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Separation and divorce can be difficult processes. The financial and logistical complexities of a separation or divorce often exacerbate the emotional impact on the family. If you are involved in a divorce — or considering one — having the help of experienced lawyers can be extremely important. Contact us to speak to a skilled divorce attorney.

At Ricciani & Jose, LLP, we understand that each divorce situation is truly unique, and we also understand the specific New York laws that impact your situation. Critical to our divorce practice are the assessment and strategy development that go into each case. Before we do anything else, our attorneys take the time to analyze your case, ascertain your goals and formulate a game plan focused on the goals you want to pursue. In this way, we can help you achieve the best results possible.

Competence in Asset Evaluation and High Asset Divorce

Divorce necessarily involves the division of assets and resources such as bank accounts, vehicles, real estate and personal property, and also the division of debts. While some divorce cases are more clear cut, others call for the valuation of complex assets like family businesses, professional practices, advanced degrees and licenses, retirement accounts, stock options, etc.

Ricciani & Jose handles cases where significant and complex assets are subject to equitable distribution. We maintain a network of consultants with expert knowledge in the valuation of businesses, investments, pensions and other intangible assets. Whatever your situation is, we will strive to help you reach the best possible outcome.

Child Custody, Child Support and Maintenance (Alimony)

In cases where children are involved, attorneys Jacqueline Ricciani and Danielle Jose-Decker provide legal guidance on the key issues of child custody, child support and visitation. We represent our clients in court or to negotiate agreements regarding spousal support, and maintenance (alimony).

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